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Furia and Elev8 make it to the ALGS Championship

Furia ALGS Championship

Furia and Elev8 will be the final two teams to represent the North American region at the ALGS Championship. The two teams finished the grueling last change qualifier in first and second place, respectfully, and will make to the LAN. This is the first LAN for both Furia and Elev8, who will make their international debut at the ALGS Championship. Here’s how they made it to the most important tournament since the launch of competitive apex.

Furia make last minute changes for the better

Furia Elev8 ALGS Championship

Image Courtesy of Liquipedia

Coming into the last chance qualifiers, Furia made a drastic change. They dropped TeQ, their previous IGL, and picked up HisWattson, a fairly unproven player. Despite of this, Furia impressed in this tournament. With a unique composition, as HisWattson played Seer for the entire tournament, Furia took the competition by storm. The last chance qualifier works fairly similarly to the LAN tournaments. The 40 teams are split into two groups, making the initial lobbies. The top ten teams from each lobby move on to the winner’s lobby, and the top ten teams from that lobby move on to the finals. In the first lobby, Furia finished in sixth with 23 kills. In the winner’s lobby, Furia finished in first with 45 kills. And in the final lobby of the tournament, Furia finished in first, picking up 27 kills, booking their ticket to the ALGS Championship.

Elev8 put on a show-stopping performance to make it to LAN

Image Courtesy of Liquipedia

The second team that made it to LAN was Elev8. Prior to this, Elev8 had a quiet year in NA apex, missing out on playoffs in both splits 1 and 2. However, coming into the last chance qualifier, Elev8 put it all on the line to try to make it to LAN. Placed in group B in the first round, Elev8 came out in seventh with 22 kills, exactly behind Furia. In the winner’s bracket, they finished in tenth with 13 kills, this allowed them to move into the Grand Finals without passing by the secondary loser’s bracket. In the final lobby of the tournament, they had a very slow start to the day, finishing in ninth, eighth and sixth on Storm Point. However, it all came together for them in the final match of the series, where the picked up 16 kills and first place, allowing them to pass HCH who finished tied with them for second place. This booked their ticket to the LAN, taking place in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Once again, congratulations to both Furia and Elev8 on making it to the ALGS Championship. The Game Haus will continue to cover the tournament in the upcoming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned. Until next time.

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