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Does Apex Legends Mobile have Hackers?

Apex Legends Mobile Hackers

An issue with a lot of competitive games is cheating. Players find ways to break the game using third party hacks, granting them unfair advantages to emerge victorious over their opponents. This rings especially true for battle royals, with many games’ competitive integrity becoming destroyed by these hackers. Apex Legends Mobile is a very new game, vulnerable to the same issues. So does Apex Legends Mobile have hackers?

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Many of those reading this have probably found themselves shot through a wall, or matched up against players that seem a little too good to be true. Unfortunately, Apex Legends Mobile does have hackers. In fact, the upper ranks for Apex Legends Mobile are littered with cheaters. From wall shooting hacks, auto aim, the cheaters are getting pretty ridiculous. The link below shows an example of the severity.

Already reported but this shit is getting ridiculous 😐😐😐 from ApexLegendsMobile

For the sake of the game’s longevity, please do not use cheats or hacks. In competitive games, like Apex Legends Mobile, these hacks ruin the experience for everyone. Winning is not that important as to need to cheat. Apex Legends Mobile’s cheat detection system isn’t very good at the moment, but it’ll catch up eventually. Don’t expect to go unpunished. Play fair, and don’t risk the account from getting banned. Just don’t use hacks. Please.

In conclusion

The unfortunate fact is Apex Legends Mobile is becoming quite littered with hackers. It’s only a matter of time until the developers address the issue, but at the current state, climbing the ranked ladder becomes a test of attrition. Losing to blatant cheaters and being punished by losing points is a terrible feeling, especially when the player performs very well. For those who absolutely hate playing against hackers, perhaps wait a moment before attempting to climb the ranked ladder.

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