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Does Apex Legends Mobile have Bots?

Apex Legends Mobile bots

Battle Royals consist of roughly 100 players, all competing to be the last squad standing. In such a big player pool, not every player is built the same. But some seem to be a little too terrible, lacking properly reaction and decision making. In a lot of mobile battle royals, the game utilizes bots to fill in the lack of players, helping facilitate the matchmaking. This then begs the question, does Apex Legends Mobile have bots?

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To be frank, Apex Legends Mobile has bots. The first match matches the player up against a purely bot lobby, which allows the player to gain further interest in the game. After all, if a player pops off on their first game, they’re statistically more likely to stick with the game. Even Wild Rift forces the players into a bot game the first time around. But are there bots outside of the first match in Apex Legends Mobile?

This is where things get tricky. A lot of users on reddit claim that there are bots in ranked matches alongside normal battle royal matches. The statement definitely rings true for the lower ranks, in particular for Bronze. But what about the rest of the ranks? Well, the higher the climb, the less likely bots are to appear. For normal games though, there’s been evidence of bots showing up every so often. The issue is, it’s a little ambigious as to who exactly are bots and which squads are real players. The more a person plays and stays attentive to the issue, the more likely they are to spot the bots in their games. But nothing is guaranteed. Maybe the enemies are simply as bad as bots.

In Conclusion

Having bots in a Battle Royal is a bit troublesome. There’s a lot of reasons behind why companies decide to implement bots. For example, it facilitates matchmaking and increases the chances real players succeed in their games. But this then brings the controversry of whether that win was truly deserved or not. When playing a PvP based game, many players want to feel that they accomplished victory over other people. Not some poorly designed AI. And though Apex Legends Mobile does have bots, it’s difficult to tell which players are real and which are controlled by AI.

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