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Best Places to Drop in Apex Legends

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The new Apex Legends map, Worlds Edge, is a thrilling blend of ice and fire that looks and feels quite a bit different than the game’s first map. But, before players can begin exploring the exciting new map, there’s one key decision that must always be made.

“Where we dropping?”

To help make that ever-important decision, here is a guide to finding the best spots to land in Apex Legends, with comments about what to expect at each location. Below is a birds-eye image of the map, for reference.

apex legends new map
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Drop Rating: B+

Skyhook is one of the three or four largest and most popular drops in the game. While there is good loot to be gained at its center, the value in this drop comes from the buildings scattered around it. It’s size makes it a popular one, so stick together upon dropping and try to take out whoever else decided to drop here. If you can make it out alive, it should provide plenty of loot for the mid-game.

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Drop Rating: A-

This is a great drop because it is often going to be overlooked due to its size and far proximity from a major location. While the loot here may not quite kit an entire team of three, it will usually be enough to get you started and ready to take on whoever remains from The Epicenter or Overlook, depending on which direction you’re headed.

The Epicenter

Drop Rating: B

This is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing drop on the new map and the looting isn’t half bad either. While it looks big on the map, it’s actually a fairly small drop spot but one that provides a good vantage point to Capitol City and can somewhat kit a team. Not to mention, if the dropship is far away and Refinery is out of reach, it’s usually free to loot after The Epicenter.

Drill Site

Drop Rating: C+

Drill Site is in an area of the map that is perhaps the least popular, which has its pros and cons. The pros are that looting should be relatively easy and will leave time for other squads to take each other out. The cons, however, are that areas in this corner of the map don’t typically offer great loot.

drill site
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The Train Yard

Drop Rating: D

In much the same vein as Drill Sire, The Train Yard is in one of the most loot-devoid areas of the map. In fact, The Train Yard is the worst place to drop on this list because of how severely poor the loot really is. If you can avoid it, don’t drop here.

Lava Fissure

Drop Rating: B-

Of the three on this area of the map, Lava Fissure has far and away the best loot, not to mention it’s non-central location usually will allow relatively easy looting. The only tough part about Lava Fissure is its distance from any other drops that can provide any kind of real loot, which drops it on this list just slightly.

Capitol City

Drop Rating: B

This is hard to rate as a single location because of its incredible size and many features. For one, it’s also quite possibly the most popular drop spot on the new map. But, for good reason, as the loot is typically very good here. In the end, expect a fight, or three, when dropping here with the winning squad in good position to make a run into the late-game.

capitol city
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Drop Rating: A

This is one of the best drops in the game, much for the same reason as Refinery. It is a non-central location, right next to the train tracks, with good loot nearby for the mid-game. Really, it has everything a player should want in a Battle Royale drop.

Fuel Depot

Drop Rating: C-

Fuel Depot is about as central of a location as is possible, which means a lot of people looking for quick drops from the dropship will head here. The only positive that comes from its location is that it likely means that the Ring will be close. Otherwise, this is a pretty packed area with poor loot overall.

The Geyser

Drop Rating: B

The exact opposite of Fuel Depot, The Geyser is tucked away between two mountains in its own litte loot-filled area of the map. However, while it is off the beaten path enough to leave it typically left alone, that is partially because the loot is nothing to get overly excited about. The geyser in the middle allows players to get in and get out quickly, which is important considering that another location is likely needed to make it to the end-game.

Thermal Station

Drop Rating: A-

This is one of the most difficult to navigate places in Apex Legends history, but it is well worth it in the loot. Also, for as much loot as it has, it is not as popular of a location as one would expect to find. This is partially due to the distraction that is Sorting Factory somewhat nearby. If the dropship doesn’t fly directly over this or it comes in from the North, land here.

Sorting Factory

Drop Rating: B

If you want a hot drop, Sorting Factory is guaranteed to be one. It is a centralized cesspool of loot and fighting in the early game, with the winning squad typically owning the Kill Leader title as well as some Epic and Legendary loot. It’s rated lower for how packed it typically is compared to other locations with comparable loot.

lava city
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Lava City

Drop Rating: B

The next three locations make up most of the bottom section of the map. This area is a bit more spread out, but also has surprisingly good loot all things considered. Lava City doesn’t have the best loot on its own, but combine it with some of the other nearby spots and a squad can be fully kitted in no time.

The Tree

Drop Rating: A

Of the three of these spots, The Tree is the location that is most prime to start out dropping at. It is almost never touched, is extremely easy to loot, and while it doesn’t offer a ton of loot on its own, should give players ample opportunity to get a head start with some decent loot going into the mid-game. A quieter game in the South of the map should go through The Tree.

The Dome

Drop Rating: B+

The Dome is actually much better in terms of loot than one would expect, and is probably the best in the lower area of the map for it. However, it’s large size and cornered location can put a team in hot water if the circle is in the Northern part of the map. It’s a bit of a gamble to drop here in that sense, but one that can ay off with a good circle.

This covers all of the locations in World’s Edge. Ideally, this guide can help lead to more victories and better overall games in the early stages of Season 3. Best of luck, and may the loot be ever in your favor.


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