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Apex Legends Wingman Change Leaked?

Apex Legends Wingman

Since day one, the Wingman became a fan favorite and one of the most popular weapons in Apex Legends. The pistol is capable of dealing damage quickly with accurate shots. Players have always been able to pick up the gun off the ground, but according to a new leak, that might change soon. Here is a look at the potential Apex Legends Wingman change.

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In Season 12, Respawn started making select weapons available only in the Replicator and no longer on the ground. During Season 13, players can only get the R-301 Carbine and Rampage LMG by spending materials to craft the guns at a Replicator.

A tweet from well-known leaker Ezra RC shows the Wingman added to the Replicator alongside the versatile CAR SMG.

Respawn did not hesitate to restrict weapons popular in the Apex Legends community in the past. Putting the R-301 in the Replicator caused already uproar among fans, so this potential Wingman change would not be surprising. The leak already has content creators talking with eUnited’s Lyr1c commenting “pls no” and SoaR DrumBum saying “only landing crafting” on Ezra’s post.

The Wingman can be equipped with the Boosted Loader hop-up to increase magazine size and decrease reload speed. The attachment only accommodates the dominant pistol and the Hemlock rifle. If the Wingman ends up in the Replicator, the Boosted Loader’s future in the loot pool could be in question.

The new crafting rotation likely would not be introduced for a while as Respawn just put the R-301 and Rampage into the Replicator at the start of Season 13. If they stay consistent, the Wingman change might come in August when Season 14 arrives. This leak could hint at some big changes to the loot pool or even a brand new weapon coming in the future.

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