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Apex Legends Unshackled Event

Apex Unshackled Event

Following the previous Warriors Event, Respawn has recently dropped the trailer for the new upcoming event in Apex Legends. The Apex Legends Unshackled event will be adding new cosmetics into the game and bringing back the Limited-Time Game Mode Flashpoint.

Event Overview

In Flashpoint players are thrown into a battle royale game where all healing items are removed from the loot pool. Instead of healing with items players now have to find “Flashpoint Zones”. The flashpoint zones are large areas that players can go into to regain all the health they may have lost. Other players potentially could be already there so things can take a turn for the worse.

Apex Unshackled

The Apex Legends Unshackled Event is a Thematic event instead of a Collection event. However, there still are two weekly challenge tracks where players can compete to earn different event-themed cosmetics. From April 19 to April 26 players can earn a unique charm, an epic charm, an epic RE-45 and a Seer skin. From April 26 to May 3 the new items this week are a unique badge, a rare apex pack, an epic boxing Nessie spray and an unshackled pack.

With this new event, players can earn up to 40 event-themed cosmetics. The Unshackled Event Packs are available for only a limited time during the event. But the items will be still available in the general Apex Packs after the event ends. The Unshackled Event Packs will guarantee players one non-duplicate Unshackled Event item. The Unshackled items can also be crafted with crafting metals. After two seasons, the crafting metal costs of any Unshackled Items may be reduced. In addition to this new update the Thematic Event Tab has received a graphical overhaul to make navigating the menu much more efficient for players.

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