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Apex Legends Tips & Tricks

Apex Legends Season 9

Apex Legends has unexpectedly become the main sensation in the Battle Royale genre. Respawn’s developers infused the game with significant unusual mechanics that even veterans of the genre would find unique. The game itself is divided into seasons, and it is especially important to have time to pump the battle pass and earn a high place in the rating before the season is over. It is quite natural to want to get all the Battle Pass rewards, but there is not always enough time. Reap the benefits of Apex Legends Boosting services and access all the desirable rewards and ranks in no time.

Our team has prepared this article to show the best Apex Legends tips and tricks to increase your game performance. We will also pay attention to some character mechanics and secrets left without explanation from the developers.

Which Character Should You Choose?

Before we even begin to learn some tips and tricks for Apex Legends, we need to choose a character. There are fifteen characters in the game, and many professional players have already noted that not all of them are balanced.

Some characters are used in every battle, while other legends are less valuable, but they have situational abilities that can always decide the outcome in your favor. For example, Bloodhound sees through the smoke during his ultimate and can easily deal with enemies under his ally’s smoke bomb. Lifeline is prized on their own due to the shield that appears during resuscitation and healing speed.

So which character is stronger? The best character is simply one that suits your play style. If you like fast, mobile characters who can hide from the enemy team, we advise you to pay attention to Octane, Pathfinder, Wraith, or Mirage. As a support character or a tank, Gibraltar is ideal for this role — the legend covers their allies under a huge shield and is capable of causing a bombardment that inflicts very large area damage. Caustic is the most controversial character. Nox Gas barrels do little damage and are easy to destroy. However, it is a pleasure to watch the enemy team die from poison in a locked room.



  1. Move Wisely

Learn to run with and without weapons would be another Apex legends tip. For example, the fight is in full swing; you need to be as mobile as possible and run fast. You can keep the pistol in your hand, as it can come in handy any second. But if you need to run away from the place of the fight, you should stash your weapon here. Without weapons, you run much faster, and speed most often allows you to get away from the enemy alive.

Note that even a slight slope can be used for acceleration. Squat down while running and start sliding: this gives a big jump in speed, and it will also be more difficult to hit you. A correspondingly large slope gives even more speed. Don’t forget this. It will speed you up if you try to slide where possible. And learn to shoot while sliding; this will come in handy.

  1. Choose Your Landing Site Wisely

Apex Legends has two starting zones with an increased chance of dropping good loot — a random Hot Zone, highlighted with a blue glow, and a moving supply ship. The hottest fight will begin there, so weigh the pros and cons wisely. Inexperienced players should choose more distant points; you should still be able to find decent loot unless you directly jump into the field without searching a single building.

The landing system allows the team to split up before landing, so don’t land in the same house  — there won’t be enough weapons for everyone. At the same time, your character should not go too far from the team so that you are not taken by surprise by opponents from the neighboring camp. It is better to look out for unwanted guests on the approach to the point. By the way, many new players ignore such Apex Legend tips and, therefore, lose the competitive advantage over the enemies.


  1. Determine the Armor of Opponents

Starting from Season 6, all body shields are EVO-shields, which means that damaging enemies throughout the match will increase your shield level, giving you more protection. You can find EVO-shields of varying starting quality throughout a game, and each can be upgraded by dealing damage while equipped.

Pay attention to the color of the damage numbers, as this will allow you to find out what armor and how much health the enemy character has. You can determine the breakdown of enemy armor by the sound it makes. As a rule, the sound emitted when the armor breaks are similar to the sound of breaking glass, which is among the top Apex legend tips to keep in mind.

  1. Climb the Walls

Character mobility and an advanced parkour system are some of the main features of the game. With Apex Legends, unlike Titanfall, there is no running on the walls, but it is possible to push off the wall. While jumping onto the wall, look at it, and when the character touches the vertical surface, he will stop for a split second.

At this point, look in the right direction and press the jump button again to push off from it and continue moving. In other words, it may sound a little difficult, but with the proper skill, the jump from the wall can become the main saving Apex Legends trick in especially hot firefights.


  1. Explore Maps

World’s Edge, Kings Canyon, and Olympus are maps that are available for Apex Legends players in Season 7. Knowing the terrain of each map can greatly increase your chances of winning. Make sure that your team only takes advantageous routes depending on their way to the next circle.

For example, on the Kings Canyon, you can see 17 conditional points of interest assigned a separate name. All equipment and weapons are generated randomly in each of them but within a given percentage of uniqueness. The chance of acquiring powerful cannons in one area is much higher than in another. Moving between them will force you to face opponents with a very high probability. So, at the time of the first displacement of the circle, you need to stock up on the minimum loot to emerge victorious from an open clash.

  1. Use Redeployment Glide

During the game, you probably noticed the huge red balloons hanging in the air. They are not on the map for beauty and perform a very specific function. Try to stand under one of them and then use the rope. Climb up to the mast, and then jump and glide to any accessible place on the map.

When is it better to move to another location? Usually, after a complete cleaning of the loot in the vicinity, but if necessary, fast movement can be done directly in battle, thus avoiding pursuit.

And remember, in Apex Legends, you can jump from any height without any damage. It may seem a little strange, but the important thing is that this feature of the game can be used in combat.


  1. Upgrade Your Weapons

Apex Legends has a large weapon arsenal of different classes. After numerous patches that changed the balance, many guns are no longer as effective without the additional attachments. And if everything is quite obvious with a clip increase, sights, and barrel stabilizers, then it is worth understanding in more detail the advantages of fire mode modifiers.

There are several fire mode modifiers in the game, each of which is compatible with two different weapons. They improve certain weapons’ performance and can only be applied to a very specific set of weapons. They are worth picking up if you have compatible weapons. They will unleash the true potential of the weapons you wield by transforming a weapon from something pretty mediocre to something that will hurt your enemies with special fire mode.


Each player has their own tactics and their own approach to the game. Some like to play alone, while others enjoy being part of a team. One way or another, to fulfill the function undertaken, it is worth knowing as many Apex tips and tricks as possible, as well as the properties of different weapons. We hope you’ve found something useful in our tips for Apex Legends, and good luck on the battlefield!

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