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A New Apex Legends Teaser is Live: The Return of Mad Maggie

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A new teaser for Apex Legends released, showing a spectacular dogfight between Salvo and Syndicate forces. Fans will be able to see it in-game until January 24, near the North Pad on Storm Point. After the fight, players can explore the wreckage and look for Easter Eggs pointing to the next map changes and legend releases.

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This Apex Legends teaser suggests that Mad Maggie, longtime friend of Fuse and the Season Eight announcer, will be the legend added in Season 12. Their home planet of Salvo has been at odds with the Syndicate for a long time. Now that Fuse is participating in the Syndicate-run Apex Games, Maggie is not happy.

Unlike the live events in Fortnite, this does not have to be the same time for everyone around the world. It will happen in every Storm Point match until January 24. So if players happen to hit-drop there, those interested will have multiple chances to explore all the wreckage has to offer.

While Respawn has not confirmed Mad Maggie as the next legend, leaks and datamined information point towards her. And Salvo’s presence in this teaser makes these rumors more substantial. It would seem as though Mad Maggie or something related to her will make their way to Apex Legends.

The Game Haus will continue to be updated with more information regarding this teaser as it becomes available. We will also stay up to date with breaking news and other content pertaining to the upcoming Apex Legends Season 12. Make sure to stay tuned by following on social media below.

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