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Apex Legends Saviors: What’s New in Season 13

apex legends saviors

The gameplay trailer for the new season was released earlier today, giving fans a glimpse at what’s to come in Apex Legends Saviors. A new legend makes his appearance, and a monstrous carcass shakes up the map geometry. With this new season going live May 10, here’s a look at what to expect.


First off, the new legend Newcastle is a highly anticipated addition to the Games. Just as Bangalore thought her brother was lost for good, he showed up on Storm Point donning battle armor and shields. While he certainly has some explaining to do, this adds more dimensions to their family dynamic and some new toys for players to experiment with. His kit is based around shielding and protecting allies from damage. One key moment in the trailer is where Newcastle drags away his downed teammate, who gets protected as they resurrect. This is the first legend that allows movement while reviving.

None of Newcastle’s abilities were explicitly laid out but Respawn teased them. They showed him using a deployable wall-style shield (opposed to Gibraltar’s dome), as well as a more fortified wall he plants in the ground. As the launch date approaches, more information should be released and TGH will be updated will the most recent Apex Legends Saviors information.

apex legends saviors

Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Downed Beast

Beyond the new legend, several changes are coming to the Storm Point map. The most prominent of these is the new POI, Downed Beast. In one of the recent cinematics, the legends come face-to-face with a monster of the sea. This creature began to wreak havoc on the map until Bangalore and Newcastle were able to take it down. Given its massive size, it appears that those in charge of the Apex Games have opted not to remove it. Instead, they turned the carcass into a loot-filled center between the Mill and North Pad.

The most valuable loot will be found inside the beast, accessible through the mouth or four open wounds leading outside.  For players wanting a slower approach, there are several buildings and a crane outside to get kitted before battling for the beast’s innards. There are now several Flyers in this POI, attracted by the rotting stench of the monster. These are also a good way to get loot rotating in and out of the beast.

IMC Armories

Most seasons introduce new sources of high-tier loot. The past brought in explosive holds and wildlife on Storm Point. The newest addition in Apex Legends Saviors is the IMC armory. These are larger holds originally placed on Storm Point for emergency protection. The Downed Beast activated them, so they’re now ripe for players’ picking. When players enter these, the doors will close for 60 seconds, activating a wave-based minigame. Similar to Bloodhound’s Trials on World’s Edge, the more enemies killed in this time period will result in better loot.

apex legends saviors
Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Once the waves of enemies are defeated, newly-implement smart loot bins will activate. Much like the wildlife, these will prioritize giving players loot they need like higher-tier barrel stabilizers or purple shields if they have blue. This is a relief after all the games getting Turbochargers and Sniper Stocks when not running guns that can utilize those.

The closing doors of the Armories protects from pesky third-parties, but there’s another option once the fighting inside finishes. There is a launchpad in the center, catapulting players high enough into the air to activate their skydives. This gives the team a new way out rather than battling through tight corridors.

TGH will continue to update with all the newest information about Apex Legends Saviors and season 13.

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Featured image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.

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