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Apex Legends Rumored Character “Fuse” Details Leaked

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Fuse Has Been Revealed: Click Here for More Information


Data-miner SomeoneWhoLeaks (SWL) leaked details about a rumored Apex Legends character named “Fuse” on January 5 on Twitter.

SWL’s new leak shows data code in regards to a tactical ability, showing off a bomb model. SWL also founded data that includes animations and sounds for the tactical. Fans speculate Fuse to be an “offense”-type Legend, with the character described as an explosive expert. If true, the character most likely will debut in Season 8 of Apex Legends.

The ApexLegendswiki also has Fuse’s Ultimate ability listed as “Firing a missile with the cannon on Fuse’s back, that spreads burning flames after the strike.” However, there is no source confirming the ultimate ability’s description.

However, there’s evidence that may prove that “Fuse” is not going to be in the game.

Apex Legends “Fuse” Date-mine A Red-Herring

SWL’s data-mine has code that does reveal for either a tactical ability or a new throwable. However, past data mines have also been wrong before.

Back in November of 2019, data miners discovered code for a legend known as “Forge.” However, developers of Apex Legends surprised fans by killing off Forge in a YouTube short movie, despite code being in the game for Forge as a playable character. This could be the case for “Fuse” in the upcoming season.

Another point against the rumored character appearing in-game is that Fuse first started out as a fan-made character on a Reddit subpost, created by u/designty in April of 2020. According to Apex Legends developer Tom Casiello, they don’t use or even look at fan-made concepts for legal liability reasons.

However, Respawn, the studio behind Apex Legends, has put game code for Legends that don’t match the names of current Legends in game.

Apex Legends Aeason 8 releases on  February 2 on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5.


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