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Apex Legends

Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event Announced

Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event

The next Apex Legends event has been announced. It is time to join a pirate crew for the Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event. The Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event Start Date will be coming sooner than most people were expecting. Here is everything Apex Legends players will need to know about the newest Apex Legends Collection Event.

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“Yo Ho Yo Ho” a pirate’s life for the entire Apex Legends roster. With the next collection event on its way, players will get a chance to get some great new skins. All of them are basically pirate themed which works well with the new map, Storm Point. Since they are on a tropical island pirates and anything themed with them makes sense. It will be interesting to see exactly how much each one is and what they all look like when they are revealed.

In the announcement trailer, it was also revealed that the Winter Express is coming back to Apex Legends. This is a fun game mode where players can fight for the train on World’s Edge. It is a sort of king of the hill mode and one that players have enjoyed in the past so it is not a surprise to see them bringing it back.

The last major reveal from this trailer was a tease of what many expect to be Wattson’s Heirloom. For a legend that has been much maligned with a weaker kit until more recently, it seems as though the Apex Legends team has been planning for this one. Wattson mains are finally going to feel like they are getting the respect they deserve.

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