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Apex Legends

Apex Legends Moon Map Leaked?

Apex Legends Moon Map

Apex Legends has continued to gain steam since its launch and is likely the most popular Battle Royale on the market. With that has come constant updates with a new season every three months. While new Legends are added with each season, new maps are not. Normally Apex Legends fans get one new map every few seasons. According to a leaker, a new Apex Legends Moon Map may be coming soon and they have leaked what it looks like.

*Note: These leaks are not confirmed by Respawn and may be completely fake. Do not take this as anything more than a potential leak.

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It is leak central for Apex Legends right now. Whether these leaks are real or not, this map certainly looks interesting. For one thing, it is on the Moon, a place that has not really been mentioned yet in Apex Legends. Whether this is Earth’s Moon or another planet’s is not yet known. Also, it looks to be a bit smaller and certainly much flatter than Storm Point.

Here is a look at the map.

Apex Legends Moon Map Leak

Apex Legends Moon Map Leak

This comes from Reddit and the same @KralRindo or BS_Steve_TTV individuals who have been leaking so many other things coming to the game.

The interesting aspect of this is that it is not the first time the Moon Map was leaked. Just about a month ago, another user showed a very early build of the Moon Map on Reddit as well.

Next map (moon map) from ApexUncovered

Many did not know if this was true or not but with a leak coming from a second source it does seem as though this is the next map or at least a map coming to Apex Legends. Whether it is coming soon or not is another discussion entirely but from what it looks like, the Legends are heading to a moon in the Apex Legends galaxy.

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