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Apex Legends Mobile Octane Guide

Apex Legends Mobile Octane guide

Every Legend in Apex Legends Mobile has their own learning curve. And since Apex Legends Mobile Octane stands as one of the strongest playable characters in the game, here is a short guide to help players master the pick. The centering theme for this Legend is his need for speed. But keep in mind, a lot of learning curves in battle royals come from the game itself, rather than knowledge of the playable character.

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Octane Abilities

Every Legend in the game has access to three base abilities: a passive, an active, and an ultimate. These are what essentially allow each Legend to stand out among each other, creating unique gameplay mechanics alongside play objectives. And for Octane, these are what make him one of the best playable characters in Apex Legends Mobile. This section will go over each of his skills, then provide some useful advice thereafter.

Tactical Abilitiy (active): Stim

“Move 30% faster for six seconds. Costs health to use.” 

The quoted, italicized section is the official Apex Legends Mobile Octane given description. But time to break things down a bit. In this battle royal, speed rules all. The faster a player moves, the faster they can position. This helps Octane guarantee better loot, stronger fighting angles, and even group with allies more effectively.

But this costs health to use. To be exact, it costs 20 HP. That’s a tiny cost for a huge advantage. In fact, his health regenerates thanks to his passive, so the cost is almost negligible. The versatile uses for this move are practically endless. If he’s in danger, rather than dying, he can pop a stimmy and run far away. If he wants to close in on an enemy, just pop a stimmy. Legit, this is one of the greatest moves in the game, especially thanks to Octane’s natural regeneration.

Passive Ability: Swift Mend

“Automatically restores health over time.” 

The quoted, italicized section is the official Apex Legends Mobile Octane given description. Keep in mind, the health regeneration only begins when Octane is out of combat. So don’t expect the health to regen mid gun fight. As mentioned before, thanks to Swift Mend, don’t hesitate to spam Octane’s Tactical Ability.

Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad

“Deploy a jump pad that catapults teammates through the air.”

The quoted, italicized section is the official Apex Legends Mobile Octane given description. This jump pad is incredibly good. Though it’s not a damage ultimate, thereby some less experienced players may think it’s not very useful, it’s easily the best mobility option currently available in the game.

Use the Launch Pad to get to the high ground, allowing for better positioning during fights. The short above has a great example of this mechanic. In fact, there are tons of uses for the Launch Pad, with the centering theme being positioning. Downed allies can also use Launch Pads. And since knocked down allies typically lack the mobility to reposition effectively, the jump pad can really come in clutch.

Do keep in mind, everyone can use these jump pads. This includes allies and enemies.

Recommended Perks

In Conclusion

Octane typically prefers close ranged weapons. This is because of his fast positioning advantages, which allow him to go for some juicy flanks.

Hopefully this Apex Legends Mobile Octane Guide gave some insight as how to play the legend. As mentioned previously, understanding of Battle Royals is essential to utilizing Octane effectively. The movement speed buffs in his kit seem costly at first, since it requires HP. But thanks to his passive, alongside the countless advantages of the movement speed, Octane is easily a top tier pick in Apex Legends Mobile.

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