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Apex Legends Mad Maggie Leaked?

Mad Maggie Leaked

Many Apex Legends fans have been clamoring for the new legend after Ash dropped just a few months ago. Luckily, it seems as though they may be getting the confirmation they have been looking for with the new season fast approaching. According to some leaks from Reddit dataminers, Mad Maggie is likely making her way to Apex Legends with the next season. Here is a look at the Mad Maggie leaked image.

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It has seemed likely that Mad Maggie was coming next for a while now. Fans thought she may be coming right after her good friend Fuse joined the team just a year ago. Instead, EA and the Apex Legends team decided to make fans wait for another very interesting character.

There was a small teaser for her that came out before the weekend. When players are dropping into the latest Apex Legends map, Stormpoint, they see two fighters in a dogfight over the map. One gets shot down and then looks like it is about to jump into a hole similar to Wraith. Afterward, all that is basically left of the ship is the back flag with some very interesting markings on it.

Many have connected these markings to Salvo and Mad Maggie. From the looking of it, Mad Maggie may have a small shield and chain whip of sorts. If this were true, she would certainly look to be an up-in player’s faces type legend. It would be an interesting direction to go but one that would likely be welcome to Apex Legends fans.

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