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Apex Legends Awakening Event Ranked Changes

Season 13 shook up the Apex Legends ranked system and heavily increased entry costs. With the steeper price, players found it harder to climb the ranks. The new Awakening event ranked changes are aimed to help players progress forward faster.

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In Season 12, Respawn noticed that the upper ranks, especially Masters, filled with too many players. So they raised the costs leading to a more punishing system.Their fix ended up switching the trend too far the other way. In the new update, they are decreasing all entry costs by 10 RP to help out players struggling to move up in rank.

Another part of the change is a slight increase to kill values. Previously any kill after six kills was only worth twenty percent of its normal value. Now the decrease will happen smoothly with each squad eliminated lowering by twenty percent. This makes dominant matches with multiple team wipes to earn more RP.

apex legends ranked changes

The value of an eliminating a player above your rank will also increase slightly. All of these increases seek to make the ranked system less punishing and more approachable for casual gamers. Hopefully, more players will reach Diamond and Masters, but not an excessive amount like Season 12.

Finally, Respawn is decreasing the spilt reset from 6 divisions to 4 divisions. At the end of a ranked spilt, all players are reset to a lower rank. Now the automatic drop will be less severe. For example, a Gold 4 will drop down to Silver 4 instead of Bronze 2. The current spilt ends in one week, so fans can see this change in action soon.

The new update, including these Awakening Event ranked changes and other new additions, is live on June 21.

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