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All Playable Legends in Apex Legends Mobile

The mobile version of Apex Legends recently dropped. As a whole, Apex Legends Mobile delivers a great experience on the handheld. With amazing ports of preexisting Legends, incredible conversion for skills and in game mechanics, the mobile version plays excellently. But not all the Legends from the PC version have made it into the game. This then begs the question, what Legends are in Apex Legends Mobile?

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All Playable Legends

Here are the Legends separated by their classes:

  • Bloodhound
  • Pathfinder
  • Lifeline
  • Gibraltar
  • Caustic
  • Bangalore
  • Octane
  • Wraith
  • Mirage

How to unlock every Legend

In Apex Legends Mobile, there are currently nine total playable legends.

The game grants most of the Legends for free, initially starting with Bloodhound. Simply finish the tutorial to unlock him. A lot of the rest of the Legends unlock with levels. Apex Legends Mobile gives Bangalore at level 2, Lifeline at level 3, Pathfinder at level 4, Gibraltar at level 5, and last but not least Wraith at level 14. In regards to level up rewards, those are all of them. But how do players unlock the rest of the Legends?

in game Legends Shop

Players would assume the store would be the logical solution. Strangely, the store only holds two legends: Wraith and Octane. Both of these are easily obtainable for free by playing the game. Players can also press unlock on the Legend screen to open up a menu to purchase them. But this isn’t the recommended strategy, as this currency is actually obtainable only by microtransactions. In essence, these cost real money. They are very much obtainable by just grinding the game regularly.

purchasable Legend


The other Legends are locked behind missions. For instance, Caustic unlocks for free at level 25 on the battle pass. This may worry players, since the Battle Pass costs money. But fret now, Caustic remains a free reward under the Battle Pass. But it will definitely take a while to unlock the Legend. Meanwhile for Mirage, he’s actually a completely free log in bonus for beginning players on their second day. So definitely hold off on buying Legends, unless the grind and wait is too tedious.

In conclusion

The mobile port of Apex Legends began in a very solid state. With a total of nine playable Legends to debut in the game, Apex Legends Mobile will surely grow, adding more playable Legends as time goes on. For more coverage of Apex Legends Mobile, be sure to stay tuned with The Game Haus.

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