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A Caustic Event is Coming to Apex Legends

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With the Nintendo Switch release date coming next week, the Respawn team seems to have another move up their sleeve. Several store listings have revealed that a new event will be coming on March 9, titled Chaos Theory.

As recent teasers suggest, this event looks to be a Town Takeover revolving around Caustic. There are new biohazard containers near the recently-added Crash Site. Near these, players can find an audio log of Caustic talking about refining this new substance. Another log appears near Containment, where Caustic mentions the need to test the new toxin on human subjects. The latest teaser shows new signs around the Water Treatment site. These read “This facility is under new management.”

apex legends caustic event

This new Apex Legends Caustic event appears to be starting just one week after the end of the Anniversary event. The teasers hint towards the event being quite soon, but it was a leaked description that appeared on Target and Best Buy. With the game releasing on Nintendo Switch, these retailers listed the Champion’s Edition which goes for $39.99. In the description, both sites originally had listed “Apex Legends makes its long-awaited debut on Switch this season alongside the Chaos Theory event.”

Since those postings, both Target and Best Buy have changed the description to no longer include that statement. This could mean that Respawn have rescheduled the event since the Anniversary event went a week longer than anticipated. However, it would make sense for the patch to line up with the Switch release, as there will already be a patch scheduled for the 9th.

The Game Haus will stay up to date with all Apex Legends news, bringing you the details of this upcoming Apex Legends Caustic event as they emerge. In the meantime stay tuned for the event March 9, with Dr. Nox renovating the Water Treatment Plant.

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