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10 EMEA Players to watch at the ALGS Split 2 Playoff

The ALGS Split 2 Playoff is nearly here, with all forty teams and their players ready to go. With the action beginning on April 29, the wait is almost over. Today’s article will highlight one player from each EMEA team, and explain why they are absolutely crucial for their teams’ success. Keep in mind that the players will show up in the order that the team placed, and not in a ranking of any kind. With all that said, here are the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs teams and their key players.

Team Empire – Cleaveee

ALGS Split Playoffs key players

Image Courtesy of Liquipedia

The number one team from the EMEA region, Team Empire, dominated the EMEA Split 2 . Formerly known as Major Pushers, Team Empire picked up the roster and added Maliwan to the team, who played with his teammate previously on Major Pushers. Picking up first place in three of the six rounds played, Team Empire dominated the EMEA Split 2 Pro League. 

While all three players of this team could be highlighted, Cleaveee gets the nod due to his pick for World’s Edge. In most of the matches played on World’s Edge, Cleaveee was running Mad Maggie, being one of the few players to play her at the highest level. At Strom Point, he played the more traditional pick in Bloodhound. It is important to note that in neither map Team Empire is running Gibraltar.

Players – Hardeki

ALGS Split Playoffs key players
Image Courtesy of Liquipedia

The team known as Gambit will compete under the name of Players. And due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, Artyco will be unable to participate, so PKMK will play in his place. Despite this, Players are one of the teams that are favored to win everything.

When it comes to key players in the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs, few strike more fear than Hardeki. When the conversation of “Best Player in Competitive Apex” starts, Hardeki is always a part of it. He has been one of the most reliable players, raking in the kills and topping the damage charts. Playing Wraith on World’s Edge and Ash at Storm Point, Hardeki is the beating heart of Players. With a wingman in hand, anything is possible for Hardeki and Players.

K1ck Esports – Hiarka

Image Courtesy of @k1ckesports

Coming in as the number three seed, K1ck have a lot to prove. Dispite making as the number three seed, picking up a respectable 96 points, K1ck didn’t close out a single round as winners. Sadly, Ojrein will be unable to play at the playoffs due to Visa issues, so ChaoticMuch will play in his place.

However, to add to their good placements, K1ck are one of the best teams at picking up kill points. While both Uxako and normally Ojrein play as aggressively as they’d like, it’s Hiarka holding the line, playing either Gibby or Bloodhound, making sure that they are safe to play as aggressively as they want. When it comes to defensive play, few have Hiarka beat.

GMT Esports – Sir Del

Image Courtesy of Liquipedia

The number four seed from EMEA is GMT Esports. Much like the previous two teams mentioned, GMT will have to play with a substitute player, with Maydeelol joining the team, playing in Max-Strafe’s place, who will be unable to join due to the ongoing war in his home country in Ukraine.

Regardless of that, Sir Del will try his best to ensure that GMT will make as far as their fans hope they will. One of the most accomplished players in EMEA, it feels like no matter which roster Sir Del is on, the team always does well. Every tournament he plays, it feels like his teams are always one of the favorites to win it all. Playing either Ash or Wraith, Sir Del is one of the players you can always expect to be at the top of the damage charts.

Acend – K4shera

ALGS Split Playoffs key players
Image Courtesy of @Acendclub

Coming in as the Split 1 champions, Ascend have to prove that they can return to the top. Their lower seed is due to their slow start to Split 2, as they finished outside of the top ten in the first two days of the tournament. However, don’t let that fool you, as they tend to ramp up the longer the tournament goes on.

K4shera plays the recon role for Acend, playing the Valk when the team goes to Storm Point and Crypto at World’s Edge. Despite his role not being that of the team’s main engage, he always ends up picking up kill points and leading Acend to the top of the placement charts.

Reply Totem Esports – Amaazz

Image Courtesy of Liquipedia

One of the most underrated teams coming into the Playoffs, Reply Totem Esports could surprise many. While they may lack consistency when they are on fire, they look near unstoppable. The problem is that this can vary from one day to the next, and in a tournament as competitive as the Playoffs, this could lead to underperformance.

However, a player that needs no introduction is Amaazz. It feels like every time Reply Totem Esports have a good performance, it’s off the back of Amaazz and his star power. Usually playing Wraith, he’s been playing exclusively Ash at both Storm Point and World’s Edge. This leads to a unique playstyle that benefits Reply Totem and Amaazz, allowing him to pick up easy kill points for his team. As long as Amaazz is on fire, then Reply Totem Esports have a shot at winning it all.

Alliance – Yuki

Image Courtesy of Liquipedia

Another pre-tournament favorite, Alliance are considered by many to be the best team in the EMEA region. Despite coming in as the seventh seed, Alliance have to be feared and respected. Despite a very slow start to the tournament, at the end of the EMEA Split 2, it felt like Alliance was miles ahead of everyone else.

A huge part of this was due to Yuki, who was the gamechanger during Split 2. Playing mostly Caustic, Yuki was constantly doing everything in his power to win it all for Alliance. Match 2 of day six is the perfect example of this. Despite K1ck looking primed to win their first match, Yuki found two Kraber headshots, leading to an easy win for the side of Alliance.

Invictus Gaming International – Brynn

ALGS Split Playoffs key players
Image Courtesy of Liquipedia

One of the pleasant surprises coming from Split 2, Invictus Gaming International still looked like themselves. Prior to Split 2, it was announced that Blasts was leaving the team and fairly unknown rookie Urban would be taking his place. Despite this massive change, IG still fought tooth and nail for their spot in Sweeden.

As far as key players at the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs go, Brynn is about as good as they come. Playing both Wraith and Ashe, Brynn is one of the slipperiest players in the ALGS. Few seem to understand the limits of their characters as well as he does, and Invictus Gaming can always rely on him. Alongside his friend Noiises, it seems like they always know what to do in any given situation.

Scarz EU – RPR

Image Courtesy of Liquipedia

The ninth seed coming out of EMEA is Scarz Europe. A fairly inconsistent team, sometimes, we saw glimpses of the team that can dominate any lobby, seen in day 2. But for the most part, during the other days, Scarz would win one of the matches, and finish with a fairly poor placement, losing them points.

However, a player that seems to always perform for the side of Scarz is RPR. One of the EMEA veterans, RPR has been with his teammates for quite some time now. Now returning to LAN with a different team and different players, it’s time for RPR to unleash his inner lannimal. While it remains to be seen which Scarz will show up to the tournament, RPR’s Ash is something that everyone should look out for.

Element 6 – KSWINNIE

Image Courtesy of Liquipedia

One of the most entertaining teams at the Playoffs, 69IQ Esports have rebranded to Element 6. The team, much like Scarz before them, have really varying performance. Sometimes they’ll win it all, sometimes they’ll end in nineteenth. However, one thing that is always consistent about them are the kills. One of the bloodiest teams in all of EMEA, Element 6 won’t hesitate to start a fight or to join one.

And a lot of this fighting spirit comes from KSWINNIE. One of the flexible players in the region, he plays everything, from Horizon to Caustic to Ash. This adds a layer of unpredictability from Element 6, as you can never quite be sure which formation they will use to cause chaos. Expect a lot of bloodshed and gunfights to ensue wherever KSWINNIE goes, and you can be sure that he’ll be at the heart of it all, doing what he does best, which is raking up kill points for his team.


And that wraps up today’s article, about key players from each team in the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs. Be sure to keep up with all the action going on in Stockholm, Sweeden, here at The Game Haus. Until next time.

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