Introducing The Game Haus Esports



League of Legends

During March of 2016 The Game Haus crew brought on the talents of North American players to create a Competitive League of Legends team. Led by Manager Robert Hanes and head Coach Steve Moore the team tried out for NA Challenger series and sadly was not able to make it despite having a very talented squad. The team disbanded.

Now, a new opportunity for The Game Haus has come. A new team from across the Atlantic. Meet the New GameHausGG League of Legends competitive team! All the way from Europe! We are extremely happy to be bringing them on and looking forward to their future successes!

We will put more information as we get more! For now all streams will be in the streaming tab!

Meet the Team

Top- Currently Trying Out

TheGameHausGG team is currently looking for S6 D1 Top Laners on EUW.

Jungle- Currently Trying Out

TheGameHausGG team is currently looking for S6 D1 Top Laners on EUW.

Mid- Zaparapa

Zaparapa has transformed from a Master tier Twisted Fate player into a master tier competitive mid laner. Zapa is the anchor in the mid-lane for team. He changes his playstyle based on each games situation, but will always look for the solo kill mid.

ADC- Hodge

Hodge is a mechanically skilled and consistent addition to the GameHausGG bot lane. His knowledge in the botlane along with his synergy with Taremo make for a very strong duo lane for opponents to deal with.

Support- Taremo

The second part of the dynamic bot lane, Taremo also brings a lot of experience to the team. Taremo’s playstyle compliments Hodge in the botlane to make the duo nearly unstoppable. You can find Taremo streaming when he’s not playing competitively at If you’re lucky, you may even see him cooking on stream.

Head Coach- Nalu

Coach Nalu brings with him some experience after his time with Team Refuse To Lose. His coaching style is very positive for players and has seen great success. Nalu will be using his semi-professional experience to form and shape this team of 5 players.

Super Smash Brothers 4

TGH Corona17

Corona is a long time Smash player from New Jersey who is looking to climb the ranks after taking some personal time. He also does commentary for his local Smash group and their tournaments. You can follow him on twitter, @TGH_Corona17