Introducing GameHausGG Esports Organization



League of Legends

During March of 2016 The Game Haus crew brought on the talents of North American players to create a Competitive League of Legends team. Led by Manager Robert Hanes and head Coach Steve Moore the team tried out for NA Challenger series and sadly was not able to make it despite having a very talented squad. The team disbanded.

Now, a new opportunity for The Game Haus has come! A new team has formed and will be trying to recapture what GameHausGG’s original team had. They will be trying to get into as many leagues and tournaments as they can in order to show the amateur scene that GameHausGG is back and here to stay.

We will put more information as we get more!

Meet the Team

Top- TheBonerMachine
Jungle- Frosty Nomad
Mid- Dunzy
ADC- Unforgettable64
Support- Łayne
Head Coach- Paradox


While Overwatch is a newer game in the Esports scene it has quickly take off in popularity and will soon be getting its on franchising league. We at GameHausGG had wanted and Overwatch team for a long time and finally committed and found 7 great individuals to bring into our family!

They are currently playing in ESL’s Open Division Overwatch Tournament.

Meet The Team

DPS- Xoana
DPS- Parsim0ny
Off Tank- FauxName
Main Tank- Looty
Off Support- m004yu
Main Support- Shercon
Head Coach- PŖȎƑĔȐ1938

Tekken7/Super Smash Brothers 4

TGH Corona

Corona is a long time Smash player from New Jersey currently ranked 14th in his region. He played in Genesis4 and finished top 100 in singles and will be participating in Super Smash Con 2017. He also does commentary for his local Smash group and their tournaments. You can follow him on twitter, @TGH_Corona17