Fantasy Baseball 2017

Fantasy Baseball 2017: Free Agent Frenzy

In fantasy baseball, it is general knowledge that your league championship isn’t won on draft day. One major key to success is staying active on the waiver wire.

As we are a month into the season, the easiest way to acquire talent is by adding free agents. Below, are four players who are under ten percent owned on, but should be rostered in the majority of formats.


Delino DeShields, Outfielder, Texas Rangers, (Seven Percent)

Fantasy Baseball 2017

Delino DeShields will look to make the most of his opportunities in 2017. (Photo by:

With Adrian Beltre injured, and Joey Gallo manning third base, DeShields has earned himself the everyday roll in left field. He was a former first-round pick in 2010, and has bounced between the major and minor-league levels since 2015. The 24-year-old has plenty of fantasy potential, as he is currently batting leadoff, is an elite base stealing threat, and is versatile.

DeShields can be an elite producer of runs and steals as long as he remains atop the lineup. Once Beltre returns, it will be interesting to see what the Rangers do with Gallo and DeShields, although their versatility will presumably allow them to continue to see regular playing time.




Michael Taylor, Outfielder, Washington Nationals, (Three Percent)

Fantasy Baseball 2017

Michael A. Taylor will replace Adam Eaton for the remainder of the 2017 season. (Photo by: Gene J. Puskar)

The Washington Nationals lost their starting center fielder, Adam Eaton, to a torn AC, which moves Michael Taylor into an everyday role. Taylor is a career .259 hitter in the minors, with 52 home runs and 140 stolen bases in 560 games played. The 26-year-old’s numbers aren’t overwhelming, although his opportunity to be productive with the Nationals is immense. Taylor will primarily bat seventh, which puts him behind some of the best hitters in the league, including Bryce Harper, Daniel Murphy and Anthony Rendon, which increases his opportunity to produce RBI. Also, if veteran Jayson Werth were to struggle, Taylor could sneak up to the two hole, and be an elite run producer and stolen base threat.


Amed Rosario, Shortstop, New York Mets, (Three Percent)

Fantasy Baseball 2017

Amed Rosario is sure to see a call to the majors sooner rather than later. (Photo by: New York Post)

The 21-year-old is currently batting .402, with one home run, 16 runs scored, 14 RBI, and seven stolen bases at the AAA level. He is in line to be the shortstop of the future for New York, although it looks like he will be called up in 2017. His major-league counter parts, Jose Reyes and Asdrubal Cabrera, are playing very poorly, as both are batting under .250, giving Rosario a possible opening to major-league at-bats.

The Mets need a spark, as they have lost many core players to injuries, such as Yoenis Cespedes, Noah Syndergaard and Steven Mats to name a few. Keep an eye out for Rosario, as he is exactly what the Mets need, and should see a call-up sooner than later.


Kennys Vargas, First Baseman, Minnesota Twins, (One Percent)

Fantasy Baseball 2017

Kennys Vargas will make an impact in 2017. (Photo by: Getty Images)

Vargas was called-up to the Twins in late-April, and has batted .364 with two home runs, eight runs scored and six RBI in six games played. He can hit for contact and power, as he is a career .277 hitter in the minors with 89 home runs, so as long as he continues to bat in the heart of the order, he will have the opportunity to be an elite fantasy producer.

The 26-year-old has taken over for Joe Mauer twice at first base, but is playing majorly designated hitter this season. The Twins have plenty of flexibility with their bats, as they can move Vargas or Sano to a corner outfield spot to ensure they continue to get at-bats.


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The Complete Super Smash Bros Melee Free Agent List

Here’s the complete list of free agents for Super Smash Bros Melee. The ranking is completely subjective (feel free to disagree with me), but every player on this list is available for teams to sign.

Top free agents
1. DruggedFox
2. Shroomed
3. Wizzrobe
4. DizzKidBoogie
5. Mafia
6. SmashG0d
7. Abate
8. Bladewise
9. Rudolph
10. Ghatzu
11. Cactuar
12. Santi
13. KJH
14. Frootloop
15. Prince Abu
16. DJ Nintendo
17. Laudandus
18. Alex 19
19. Slox
20. Hax
21. Kira
22. Amsah
23. Kalamazhu
24. Kels
25. Darkatma
26. Tai
27. Zanguzen
28. Dart!
29. Fly Amanita
30. Reno
31. Zgetto
32. Llod
33. Zoso
34. Redd
35. Matt


Sami “DruggedFox” Muhanna is obviously a top candidate to land the next big sponsorship deal. He’s fresh off his first major win of 2016 and has shown steady improvement throughout the better half of the year. Anyone who knows Sami will tell you just how hard working he is as a player. He’s also known as one of the most knowledgeable players in all of Smash.

The one aspect he needs to work on is his marketability. He’s not known for anything outside of tournaments. If he could add marketable skill to his already impressive playing ability, he’d be a home run for any team looking to sign him.



Dejuan “Shroomed” McDaniels is a well established player. He’s been around for a long time and has been a consistent performer through all those years. Shroomed has been apart of the big three in Northern California (PPU, SFAT, and Shroomed), and that’s built notoriety for him over the years. He’s arguably the third best Sheik behind Justin “Plup” McGrath and Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman.

He recently moved on from his former team, Winterfox, so he instantly became a top commodity for teams seeking out Melee players. He’s second on this list, but could easily be considered the top free agent with his resume. You know what you’re getting with Shroomed.

Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett is probably the most talented player on this list. A multi-game star and quickly rising up the Melee ranks. He not only took a giant step in 2016, but showed off that enormous potential moving forward. The most appealing aspect might be that he’s only 18 years old and hasn’t reached his prime yet. He won’t be a free agent for long.

Kyle “DizzKidBoogie” Athayde has gone from a solid top-80 player to a must-sign. His recent stretch, making back-to-back top 8’s (Eden and DPotG), shows he has the ability to go deep in bracket consistently. His overall game has improved, although he still gets the majority of his kills from wobbling. He has expanded his repertoire on the offensive side.

He does get somewhat overshadowed by the aforementioned “big three” in NorCal, but he’s earned a serious look from a team. He’s not extremely well known, but is starting to make more of an impression on the scene as a whole.

A-tier free agents
Mafia and SmashG0d

James “Mafia” Lauerman and Rishi “SmashG0d” Malhotra might be two of the most improved players in all of 2016. Both will make probably the biggest jump of any players on the Melee it on Me Rankings considering SmashG0d was unranked i. 2015), and have put themselves in a position to earn a sponsorship.

In terms of potential, these two have shown that they can compete with the best players in Smash. Mafia made waves at Smash Summit 3 (shout out to New England for voting him in), and SmashG0d almost pulled the ultimate upset at a Evo over Adam “Armada” Lindgren (lost on last stock, last game with a lead). More notoriety and these two are surely to pick up deals.


Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Daiki “Rudolph” Ideoka is the lone representative from Japan on this list, but he’s earned a look. He’s quickly risen to second in Japan and he’s now among the best Marth players in the world. Despite sub-par performances at American major tournaments; He showed growth and gained valuable experience.

Rudolph receiving an actual deal is unlikely considering the travel distance between events, but as Smash grows, a player with his skill ceiling will command some attention.

Alex “Alex19” Ruvalcaba is the first name on here who should get a deal based solely on his social media presence. He’s generated a following and his relationship to Joseph “Mango” Marquez is invaluable. The content and audience make him appealing to buyers.

On top of that, he’s a good player. He’s not going to finish in the top-8, but he’s capable of pulling huge upsets. He gets better practice than just about anyone with relation to the Norwalk crew (Mango, Johnny “S2J” Kim, and Joey “Lucky” Alden’s).

The rest of the list
I don’t want to give the wrong impression here. A full-time Azis “Hax” Al-Yami would be the most sought after name on this list, but he’s still “retired” and dealing with hand injuries. Steve “Abate” Abate is another name that would be higher, but due to inactivity, his future is uncertain.

Inactivity is a big issue among free agents. There are plenty of extremely talented players that simply don’t show up to tournaments (Santi, Kels, Dart!, Fly Amanita). The free agent market isn’t flushed with talent as of right now, but there are plenty of players who could get offers.

Speaking of recent offers, here’s the list of players who just signed:

KirbyKaze with Melee it on Me

The Moon signed with Misfits
Hugs signed with Selfless Gaming
N0ne signed with Allegiance
Swedish Delight signed with Renegades


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