NL East: Top 10 Most Impressive Players Through May

Now two months through the season, the NL East is still a pretty competitive division, with four teams all within 5.5 games of first place. The players within the division are beginning to separate between the good, the bad, and the average.

Here, I’ll give my top ten players who have most impressed me for their performances over these two months. As a guy who puts a lot of value in stats, they do play a pretty major part in my rankings, however, this isn’t going to just be the ten players with the best stat lines in the NL East. That said, these ten players are, in my opinion, the ten that have stood out to me for their seasons thus far. As a pitcher-dominated division, a lot of the guys on this list are going to be pitchers, but some hitters did manage to sneak their way into the list as well.

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Alex Keller is currently a junior at Georgia Tech, pursuing a major in History and Sociology, with a focus in Sports, Society, and Technology. He played baseball for most of my life; but I also enjoys football and has played and followed League of Legends since season 2. As a fan of the Eagles and the Nationals, he's still waiting for one of his teams to win something. He joined up with TGH in March of 2016. PS: EU>NA.

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  • Stewart Longsworth June 5, 2016  

    Daniel Murphy totally deserves this No. 1 slot. What a wrecking ball! RBIs all over. If only Harper was batting well…

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