Eo “Soo” Yoon Su has Mental Breakdown

After Kim “Stats” Dae Yeob’s 4-2 victory in the year’s first GSL, runner-up Eo “Soo” Yoon Su was noticeably upset. Who could blame him? He had battled his way to the finals of the most prestigious Starcraft tournament in the world FIVE times – and without a trophy to show for it. All sympathy was on the 2nd place Zerg – until he snapped.

In the middle of Stats’ award ceremony, Soo ripped the trophy and flower bouquet from his hands and began screaming and running around the studio. Pursued by security guards, Soo ran up and down the aisles, shoving fans and shouting, “We are poised for victory,” in a high pitched screech. He then put the trophy on his head briefly before running into a wall, breaking one of the trophy’s handles.

A shocked audience watched on in silence as Soo poured can after can of Hot6 on himself while singing Roar by Treat. Before long the once-respected Zerg was sobbing and rolling around on the stage, eating flower petals and confetti.

He was eventually dragged off-stage by security personnel while shouting obscene threats towards David Kim.

Nicolas “Tastless” Plott pointed out: “Now to anyone new to Starcraft, he doesn’t normally do this.”

Daniel “Artosis” Stemkoski: “I can’t believe what I’m seeing Tasteless”

Soo is currently in police custody and will be stripped of all GSL career earnings.


(Oh and April Fools. Don’t give up Soo!)

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