The Game Haus Store: Rep your favorite sports and esports site

The Game Haus Store

With the help of SquadLocker, The Game Haus has opened a store with six different options to satisfy any Haus Mate’s desire. Fans of The Game Haus can rep their favorite sports and esports website by following this link.

The store offers short and long-sleeve shirts, shorts, hoodies, hats and a prototypical esports jersey.

SquadLocker ships to the United States and Canada. If you are interested in buying some TGH swag but live outside of the shipping parameters, you can contact The Game Haus’ president, Rob Hanes to set up your order. Email Rob at to get your order.

SquadLocker offers authentic brand apparel for teams, organizations and communities that look to provide high-quality products to their customers. The site allows users to create personalized gear through easy-to-use tools.

The store is open for a limited time and closes on May 19. Orders can be placed through the final day the store is opened, and orders will be shipped after the store closes.

The Game Haus Store

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“From Our Haus To Yours”

Tim is currently serving as Vice President of The Game Haus. With the company since August of 2015, Tim has advanced from writer, to editor, to COO, and now to VP. Tim writes, edits, recruits, helps in business functions, and does many other things to help benefit The Game Haus. Tim is currently a freshman at Cedarville University, and is double majoring in journalism and strategic communication.

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