Recent changes could see Urgot re-enter the professional meta

Urgot, the Headsman’s Pride, has not been played once this season in the NA LCS. He also hasn’t been played in EU once. A long winding road has led to this being changed soon. If Urgot isn’t played in the playoffs or relegation tournament, he will definitely be played in the Summer Split.

Urgot is a unique champion in that he is basically a DPS mage but he is AD. The main combo for Urgot is R-W-E-Qx100. His Q, Acid Hunters, is a straight-line skillshot that hits the first enemy that it runs into. It can be comboed well with his other abilities. His W, Terror Capaciter, is a shield based on his mana pool. It also makes his basic attacks and Q’s slow enemies. His E, Noxian Corrosive Charge, does a little bit of AD over time and reduces the enemies armor. It also allows his Q’s to be point-and-click hit abilities on targets affected by the charge. His Ultimate ability, the Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser, suppresses an enemy then switches the champion’s place with Urgot’s.

The beginning of Urgot’s return to prominence was a move that affected a lot of champions. Patch 5.22, the preseason, had a lot of changes. Many of them were aimed towards marksmen. But this marksmen wasn’t affected by any of those changes.

The Sheen rework, however, works greatly in favor of our favorite crab. The ability power given by Sheen was removed, and it was replaced by cooldown reduction. So now, Urgot, who loves cooldown reduction and mana, has an item that only gives cooldown reduction and mana. Also, the Sheen effect is perfect for Urgot! He casts spells every second spamming his Acid Hunters, so his basic attacks are always buffed.

Our favorite crab, Giantt Emery Crabgot! (

Our favorite crab, Giant Emery Crabgot! (

It also has an offensive item it builds into, Trinity Force, if you’re snowballing, and a defensive item, Iceborn Gauntlet, if you aren’t. It’s usefulness and versatility affected many champions, and Urgot is one of the affected champions. This is just one of the factors.

Urgot’s build path was always a very unique one. The only certainty was that he built Tear of the Goddess right away. From there, he could go with The Brutalizer, or he could go straight into Muramana. From Muramana he could go straight into tank or get a lot of damage. Certainly Urgot has always been a very unique champion to play.

His build path just got even harder to nail down with the new items. Urgot could go with the seemingly standard top lane tank build of Sunfire Cape – Iceborn Gauntlet. However, if you want a little more damage output, he can build the Graves build of all of the shield/damage reduction swords. Death’s Dance, Phantom Dancer, Sterak’s Gage and Maw of Malmortius can all be used to great effect by Urgot. In much the same way as Graves, his range is not much at all. He will need to get right on the precipice of the fights to do most of his work.

Urgot: The Acid Hunting machine (

Urgot: The Acid Hunting machine (

The champions played in the LCS follow a great trend for our crabby, gelatinous hero. There are marksmen everywhere! Graves is played in two roles, Varus, Corki and even Quinn are all played in two roles. This opens the door for marksmen being played everywhere. If a team has a carry mid, jungler and top, throw Urgot in the bot lane. He can also go top and kite a melee champion mercilessly. Plus, with that ranged basic attack, he could safely pick off any wayward Gangplank barrels.

The last time Urgot was played a lot professionally, it was at a weird time in a shifting meta. A lot of assassin mids were being played, which led to a lot of tanks being played, which led to Urgot. He would be played midlane as a counter to Zed or LeBlanc. Many players, such as Tyson “Innox” Kapler, formerly of the Evil Geniuses and Enemy eSports, and Enrique “xPeke” Martinez, formerly of Fnatic both have played it in mid and talked about it interviews.

The stage is set, maybe Urgot just isn’t good enough to play in this meta? Wrong. His ult just got super buffed. As of patch 5.22 he gained percent damage reduction during his ult, meaning he can easily dive turrets with it. He received more buffs in patch 6.5, he can activate his W, the Terror Capacitor, a shield based on his mana, during his ult. His ultimate also fears nearby units, meaning nothing will get in his way as he safely walks out from under his opponents turret with his life and theirs.

Urgot is too good to be out of the meta for this long. Urgot hasn’t been this abused since, well, his whole existence I guess. Bad example. Still, his kit, combined with the amount of ranged champions in the meta, means that he SHOULD be being played now. And he WILL be being played soon.









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