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Every Hero in Dota 2 is usually known through a single title, which is either their name or a description of the Hero. This came as a bit unusual for us older players, as back in DotA 1, every character would have both their name and description shown in-game. As in, Traxex the Drow Ranger, Shendelzare Silkwood the Vengeful Spirit, Viper the Netherdrake, etc.

Occasionally, some would show special names instead of their originals, and that was mostly a way for our buddy Icefrog to troll us, or even to give credit to certain players for their gameplay with a specific Hero.

Here’s some of those: (Well it’s actually most of them)

-Anti-mage: BurNing. I think it was love at first sight. They’ve killed so many innocent creatures for their bounties together. (original name: Magina)

-Axe: Mogul Khant Touch This. Obvious joke (OK, joke ATTEMPT) with his original name, Mogul Khan.

-Mirana: Jumong. A legendary Korean archer. I believe there’s been a TV series about this guy.

-Shadow Fiend: YaphetS. ‘Nough said. (Original name: Nevermore)

-Puck: Kupu-Kupu. Means “butterfly” in Indonesian and Malay.

-Razor: Gilette. Yeah…

-Vengeful Spirit: 820. A retired Chinese pro player, arguably the best Shendelzare player ever.

-Zeus: Merlini. ‘Nough said!!

-Kunkka: Captain Obvious. Doh.

-Witch Doctor: Moose. Taken from LD.Moose and his video about Witch Doctor (original name: Vol’jin)

-Riki: Riki Martin. I kid you not. (Original name was actually Rikimaru)

-Sniper: Vasilij Zajcev. The well-known Soviet Union hero and sniper during World War 2.

-Necrophos: A Phoe Gyi. In Myanmar/Burmese, this means An Old Man, or so the legends say.

-Faceless Void: Gorzerk. A guy that used to make some tools for DotA, and was using Void as his profile picture. (Original name: Darkterror)

-Dragon Knight: Trogdor. A mini game where you control a dragon, stepping on innocent villagers while avoiding the city guard. Or something.

-Lifestealer: Gollum. Yup. (Original name: N’aix)

-Clinkz: Clinkz Eastwood. Clint Eastwood. Flint Beastwood.

-Enchantress: Bambi. Freaking. Bambi. (Original name: Aiushtha)

-Keeper of the Light: Gandalf. Well, I wouldn’t have been able to resist, either. (Original name: Ezalor)

-Chen: Jackie Chen. Fair enough.

-Spectre: qwerty- . Ready for some feels? -Qwerty was a player who had become famous for a specific Spectre instance, this one here:

He died quite young, in December 5th, 2010. After that, Icefrog gave his nickname to Spectre. People still call him King of Dispersion and the such.

-Ursa: Fuzzy Wuzzy. Because of all the free hugs. (Original name: Ulfsaar)

-Spirit Breaker: Roadrunner. Beep-beep. (Original name: Barathrum)

-Invoker: Kal-El. Besides him being as powerful as Superman, it sounds similar with his original name, Kael (from Warcraft 3’s Kael).

-Shadow Demon: Giblet. This one’s a bit of a mystery. Rumours say it’s because SD’s original model was a gnoll, which resembled Overlord’s Giblet. . . somewhat. . . maybe.

-Nyx Assassin: A’noob Arak. Original name Anub’arak (Warcraft 3).

-Io: Santelmo and Weird Ball. The former is a fireball-like mythological creature, and the latter is self-explanatory.

-Meepo: MeePwn. MeePwn was a Meepo player known for his Meepo plays with Meepo. I believe he still Meepos around sometimes.

SPECIAL MENTION: Sven was actually named Arnold Schwarzenegger for one patch.

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