I Bring Bad News

  Unless you like playing this abomination. (Art by inkinesss.deviantart.com)   Harbinger used to be one of the least succesful/recognised Heroes, both in competitive and pub matches, and his innate passiveness was mostly to blame. His powerful lane control could earn him a place in the mid More...

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The Hard Life of a Carry

Aren’t they adorable. (Art by spidercandy.deviantart.com)   When you were young and innocent, were you told that all you had to do to be a succesful carry was to kill creeps for 40 minutes, then proceed to right-click Heroes and/or buildings? Well, I got news for you. After years in this More...

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The Game Haus Super Bowl 50 Predictions

See our picks for Super Bowl 50. Photo by sportbet.com Peyton Manning taking his last gallop in the NFL and riding into the glorious San Francisco sunset with the Vince Lombardi Trophy tucked under his arm is the ending we all want, right? He’s had a resurgence in the playoffs and has the Broncos More...

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Five Superbowl Prop Bets

How many tackles will Von Miller have? Photo by The Denver Post Von Miller OVER 3 Tackles & Assists (+105) – I totally understand that Von Miller is a pass rusher so he doesn’t get that many tackles, but three is WAY too low. I’m baffled at this line and jumping all over it. It’s More...

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Jared Goff

2016 NFL Mock Draft February 5

Tennessee Titans- Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss The Titans would prefer to take a defensive player, but would settle for Tunsil if they don’t find any takers to trade down. He would help protect Marcus Mariota, because the Titans allowed the most sacks in the NFL last season. Getting protection for More...

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(Find out where all the stars are ranked, Photo Courtesy Fox Sports) Way-Too-Early 2016 NFL Fantasy Rankings

If there’s one thing I hate about writing, it’s going with the flow. I can’t stand the cheesy..

The 2015 Fantasy Championship Week Was Cruel

vance (Vance McDonald contributed to week 16’s weirdness, Courtesy Getty Images) Grinding through a long fantasy football season is only worth it in the end. Sure, the fun of setting your lineup and...

Conflict of Interests: Who Should You Root For in the Fantasy Playoffs?

antonio_brown_catch_getty (Antonio Brown has been fantasy gold this season, but he may lead to some football fans’ conundrums, Courtesy Getty Images) You did it. You’re here. You’re in the thick of an intense...

I Bring Bad News

    Harbinger used to be one of the least succesful/recognised Heroes, both in competitive and pub matches,..

The Hard Life of a Carry

  When you were young and innocent, were you told that all you had to do to be a succesful carry was to kill creeps...

Hero Remakes: Lone Druid

  Our bear friend is the last of the 6 Heroes that were remade in 6.86. He was revered as the arguably most dangerous offlaner back...
  • National Signing Day: Pac 12

    pac 12 The conference of champions needs to have more success in football championships and will be able to do so with good recruiting this...
  • National Signing Day: BIG 12

    big12 The BIG 12 is making big moves in recruiting and one of their teams has seized National Signing Day. We will explore the...

6 Tips to Becoming the Best College Hoops Fan

Whether you are an avid watcher, or go for the socialization and beer, I’m lining you up with some tips that will take your college hoops fandom to the next level! If you don’t have a...

All Star Weekend

Football doesn’t entertain us with the Pro Bowl but the NBA sure does entertain us..

Top 5 NBA Games to Watch (Week of 2/1 – 2/7)

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love, left, yells with pain as he is dragged by the arm by Boston Celtics center Kelly Olynyk (41) during the first quarter of a first-round NBA playoff basketball game in Boston, Sunday, April 26, 2015. The play resulted in an injury to Love that forced him from the game. (Thomas Ondrey/The Plain Dealer via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT NO SALES #5- Detroit Pistons @ Boston Celtics (Wed. 2/3): Detroit is currently the 8th seed and..

Tank About It

philadelphia-76ers The NBA has a major tanking problem. For those of you who don’t know what..

Cleveland Cavilers Fire David Blatt

blatt (Photo Courtesy Deadspin) The Cleveland Cavilers have fired head coach David Blatt after 123 games...
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